Canine Cashmere

Canine Cashmere was born from my wanting my adorable dachshund, Vanda, to be as chicly dressed as a stylish Parisian.  I wanted to make dog sweaters that both I would want to wear and would also be proud in which to clothe my canine.  To meet such criteria, I headed to Italy and identified a manufacturer who produced luxury knitwear for a few large brands.  Fortunately, the Italian knitwear company shared my enthusiasm for these whimsical dog concepts and a collaboration began.  

I chose Cariaggi yarn, one of the finest, high quality filaments in the world. Once my patterns, yarns, and samples were in production, I knew I needed to find the right name.  Within days, while walking with Vanda in Trocadero, facing the Eiffel Tower, I found it “Canine Cashmere” and Voila! Canine Cashmere was trademarked and an American in Paris who loves her dog, was about to have it all realized.


Los Angeles - The Sutton Concept
Aspen - St. Régis Hotel
Gstaad - Marina Anouilh